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There are five phases of competition in each local, state and national pageant.

Our local directors as well as state volunteers will help prepare you in what you need to become your best self on and off the stage.  The competition is where you grow the most in your professional and social skills, but the sisterhood of Miss America is something you gain along your journey to the crown.

  • Private Interview (30%): You will have a 10 minute private interview with five judges who are looking for the qualities and attributes of Miss Washington's Teen. You should display a commitment to advance and execute a social impact initiative, an ability to express your beliefs and communicate knowledge and a sense of your accomplishments.
  • Talent (20%): You will perform a 90 second talent of your choice during the competition and be judged based on personality, interpretive ability, technical skill level, entertainment value and stage presence.
  • Evening Gown (20%): You will be scored on personal style, personality, stage presence, charisma and confidence. The cost of your wardrobe is not a factor, but rather how the evening wear reflects your personality and compliments your overall look.
  • Lifestyle and Fitness (20%): This phase of competition is where you can showcase your commitment to health and fitness initiatives in a fitness/athletic outfit. You will be judged on your comfort and confidence on stage, your energy and engagement with the audience and overall impression. You are not judged on the size/shape of your body.
  • On-Stage Conversation (10%): The judges will look for intelligence, personality, aptitude for the job, ability to communicate a strong statement about your mission, stage presence, relatability and the ability to build on the conversation from the personal interview.
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